Bits About Me

“Frank Tastes” was established during my junior year of college in Montreal as an escape from my research on the integration of psychology and history—i.e., how perception, attitude, and behavior interacted with and within a given historical setting. After an anti-climatic twist of fate, I am now a corporate lawyer (duh) living in New York with my boyfriend C and our hamster D.

I have always known about the existence of bentos, but I never thought about making one myself until I encountered the bento livejournal community, bentolunch, in the spring of 2007. Seeing how members from various backgrounds devote themselves to the joy of bento-packing inspired me to learn to make bentos myself too.

Most of the patterns used throughout this blog as photo backgrounds or parts of the graphics are from Petit Pattern Book: Japanese Style and Vintage Fabric from the States. Unless otherwise noted, photographs are my own.