Tororo-Bacon Fritters

I have been experimenting with a few new recipes using nagaimo (長芋/山藥), a yam that has long been noted in Japanese and Chinese cuisine for its nutritional and medicinal value.  One variation that I attempted was these fritters.  The idea came from this recipe from a website featuring produces and cuisine from the Aomori (青森) prefecture, which is a prime producer of nagaimo in Japan.

I made several adaptations to the recipe.  In the original recipe, yam is added to the pan before bacon.  For mine, I reversed this order to allow the bacon more time to cook.  We also would not need extra oil to coat the pan, as the bacon itself will provide enough grease.  I added some potato flour to thicken the batter: grated nagaimo* by itself was too runny to handle.

Ingredients and Procedure

  • 120 g nagaimo, peeled and grated
  • 2 tsp potato flour
  • a dash of ground white pepper
  • a dash of soy sauce
  • 1 strip of bacon
  • green onions, chopped

In a bowl, mix the nagaimo with potato flour, white pepper, soy sauce, and green onions.  Cut bacon into 3 cm strips.

Heat a nonstick pan over medium low heat.  Add bacon strips to pan and let them sizzle for about 30 to 45 seconds.  Drop a dallop of the nagaimo mixture over each piece of bacon.  Flip and cook the other side when bacon is cooked and the fritter is golden brown.

There, you’re done.

* Note: Grated nagaimo is also called “tororo.”  It kind of reminds me of “totoro.”  :D


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