Number 38: Up the Mountain, Again

(Yaki-onigiri wrapped in nori, cherry tomato, red grapes, and gyoza)

Something I made the other day that I thought would be nice to take along when one goes on a picnic hike and visits the squirrels up on the mountain.

Actually, I am planning to go hiking today with this person; unfortunately, I doubt I will have time to whip up a bento in advance.  I have not gone hiking since last October, and this will probably be my last time before I graduate and leave Montreal.  As mentioned before, I am quite fond of Mont Royal Park.  Every time I went, I always encountered something amusing or special.

Like the time when I attempted to talk to a seagull:

Or the time when a squirrel started to climb up my umbrella without my notice:

I wonder what fun things await us today.

P.S.: Does anyone have any suggestions on good and cheap places to eat at in London, Paris, or Berlin?  I am visiting these three cities shortly, and your suggestions would be much appreciated!



  1. What do you put in your onigiri? How do you get them to stick together so well?

  2. Lisa: For these grilled onigiris, I didn’t have any fillings. I just pressed the rice together really tightly, nothing special. :D

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