Absent This Weekend + Good Eats

I am writing my last two history research papers that I will ever write again, so please excuse my absence this week. Hopefully I will be able to squeeze a few posts in after this busy-busy period and before I go on vacation in May.

Since I will be spending lots of time at home sitting in front of my laptop, I have been thinking about what sort of comfort food I should feed to my sleep-deprived self. Aside from the usual niku-jaga and slow-cooked dishes, here are some others that I look forward to making:

  • Nilmandra‘s leek and potato gratin: Quick, simple, and easy-to-get ingredients. This is becoming one of my favourite recipes: I love potato gratins! Personally, I like adding a dash of white wine to the broth and cream mixture.
  • Jamie Oliver’s taglierini with a simple sweet tomato sauce and shrimps: The first recipe I chose to try out from his cookbook. I like to substitute the taglierini with other pasta and the cognac with white wine, because these are what I have in my pantry. I may also steal my roommate’s parmigiano-reggiano.
  • Gourmet‘s steak with olives: From their April 2008 issue (sorry, I couldn’t find an online version!); this is basically slices of medium-rare sirloin steak with an olive-garlic-parsley garnish. During my first trial, I also added some chopped shallots. Damn tasty.

In the even that I will can’t cook and end up having instant ramen, I shall stare at yumatako’s blog and flickr set. Both her food and her photography are very down-to-earth and homey. I feel that if we cook our food right and do it with care, the results will naturally look good and don’t need any elaborate presentation/photography. Yumatako’s cooking exemplifies this idea.

See you soon,


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