Number 37: Kanitama Bento


(Kanitama on a bed of rice with shiso furikake and nori, red grapes, and apple slices)

No life for the next two weeks, just meowing away and making up historical facts on the computer.  I am down to the last week of classes for my arts degree, and I cannot wait to graduate.  For now it is basically deadlines, deadlines, and deadlines before I fly to Europe with my BFF-cum-BF, who, incidentally, told me to go yell at myself this morning.  Seriously.

(Okay, I sort of took that out of context.  He is actually a very nice person:  so nice that sometimes I think he is too nice.  I mean, there has to be a problem somewhere!  Just ask Freud.)

Wish me luck!



  1. Hi commoi,
    Waaa~~ the final lap! Ganbatte, kudasai (^_^)! The hard work now will only make the Europe holiday all the more enjoyable :)>

  2. skimmer8


    Yummy looking bento.

    I’d not heard of kanakama before, but I’m going to try your recipe. It sounds easy enough (and it’s composed of things I’ve always got around). I’m assuming it would be okay with immitation crabmeat (??) –what do you think?

    Good luck with your school work — Aja, aja, fighting!!!

  3. niceties: Thanks! I hope I’ll make it. ^-^”

    skimmer8: Thanks for your encouragements!

    I think it will be okay to use imitation crabmeat; it will probably taste sweeter than what you get from real crabmeat.

  4. caleb

    the omelettes look very oishii. can i ask what’s in it?

  5. caleb: Yes, you can. :D

    It’s crabmeat, eggs, carrots, and green onions. Refer to receipe here

  6. Zhang Yimin's class


    喂~ 菜譜好有心機呀! 幾時整廣東菜食下~ 等我地做晒功課之後好好地擦餐好架啦! 加油,整多D好野食~

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