Bento + More?

Dear all,

I have been deliberating lately over the question of the blog’s orientation for the upcoming months.  Knowing my fickle self and my past experiences with blogs, I initially did not have the confidence that I would be able to commit myself to a hobby and a project like this for long periods of time.  Nevertheless, I feel that frank tastes has become a stable part of my life and is something on which I will continue to enjoy working.  This change in attitude has prompted me to rethink the purpose of this blog.

This being said, I want to inform you that I have decided to broaden the scope of the blog by including posts on my general culinary experiences.  Aside from bento, I would also like to discuss other matters related to food and cooking with you and other like-minded readers.  Since I am not an avid writer, it seems absurd to establish a new and separate blog just for this purpose. 

While bento will remain the central focus, posts on other types of cooking will occasionally appear.  The ratio between these posts and the regular bento-related posts will be approximately 1 to 5.  I hope that this addition will enrich the blog without being distracting.

That’s all I have to say for now; have a nice weekend!




  1. skimmer8

    Makes perfect sense. Bento making and creative cooking go hand in hand. ^ ^

  2. Looking forward to your cooking posts and learning more from you :)!

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