Number 30: Hallyu Bento


(Chicken and vegetable stir-fry with gochujang, bean sprouts dressed with sesame oil, chive pancakes, and rice with toasted sesame seeds)

Chicken stir-fry with gochujang, otherwise known as “dakgalbi” in Korean, is a recent favourite of mine.  The recipe that I followed is from Mitong, a wonderful Chinese blog that I recently discovered through Main-Main Masak-Masak.  For mine, I omitted the rice cakes and green onions, which had quietly wilted without my notice.  Luckily, this recipe is a forgiving one.  And even at room temperature, it still remains flavourful and tastes damn good.

I have noticed that there seem to be a lot of pancake or fritter (“buchimgae” or “jeon”) type things in Korean cuisine, and my favourite type is the seafood ones with squid.  The chive ones here were inspired by similar ones shown here, although I did not follow her instructions.  Instead, I used this recipe for the pancake batter and just sort of improvised.  Aside from the chives, I also added some sliced mushrooms to the mix.  The final product was served with a citrus shoyu dressing (not displayed in the photograph above).

This bento was originally intended for a study session at school, but I ended up having Lebanese food with my friend.  Instead of leaving it as lunch for the next day, I ate it while I watched another episode of “Dal Ja’s Spring,” which is one of my favourite shows.  A Korean-inspired bento for a Korean TV-drama? How befitting.

(See you later!)



  1. skimmer8

    I love korean food, but I had never heard of dakgalbi.

    Inspired by your bento, I made a version which combined recipes that I found on my Korean Kitchen (without the rice cakes) and e-gullet. You were right about it being damn good!!! (I think it was even better the next day.)

    I just happened to have shiso leaves in the house — and they really kicked it up a notch!

    I can imagine the chive pancake was a nice compliment to the spicy chicken. I might try making some to go with the remainder of my dakgalbi batch. ^ ^

  2. skimmer8: I’m glad that you liked the dish (and you’re so lucky that you have access to shiso leaves!). The subtle taste of the chive pancakes do compliment the strong flavours of the dakgalbi. I hope you’ll enjoy it too. :D

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