Number 19: Rainy Days


(Rice, salmon fritters, ham and asparagus rolls, apple slices, golden tomato)

For the gloomy weather and the hectic schedule, I made a colourful bento to cheer myself up. Whenever life gets too demanding, I sustain myself by giving myself little rewards in the form of food, bubble baths, and online shopping. My order of bento books and Shinzi Katoh goodies, both of which I spontaneously ordered online while working at school, should be arriving in early October. I can’t wait!

(Talking about pretty little things, I found these lovely desktop wallpapers from Afternoon-Tea, a Japanese zakka shop. Just staring at the photo of the chocolate fondue in the October selection makes me giddy.)

The salmon fritters are something that I had first tried out in my second bento. While I wasn’t very happy with my bento that time, I am pleased with my results this time.

Initially, I was going to be indulgent and make bacon-asparagus rolls, but then I got lazy and made these ham-asparagus rolls instead. I am surprised how well ham and asparagus compliment each other. Maybe I will make an omelette with the leftover asparagus and ham, with the unused bacon on the side for a full-on Sunday brunch. Hmm… A fortuitous outcome of my laziness?

On a random note, since it’s the fashion weeks, I want to share my own (un)fashion bits with you. With yesterday’s rainy weather, I had the chance to wear the pink rainboots I had purchased back in June for the first time. I didn’t think about these rainboots until I was on my way to school and two blocks away from my apartment. Determined to wear those boots, I walked back to my place to change my shoes (clearly, I didn’t make it to class on time).


So there I was, decked out in my nerdiest gear with my dishevelled hair, thick-framed glasses, and stretched-out cardigan, fiddling clumsily with my water bottle and umbrella, while wearing these shiny, fanciful pink boots. Uncoordinated? Yes.

But I was happy.



  1. eden

    your bento looks so yummy! great colors ^^
    and your boots are so cute

  2. skimmer8

    I’ll have to try making the salmon cakes. The addition of yogurt in them sounds interesting. Nice sketch and boots. Pink w/ black and white stripes = cute.

  3. that bento looks so oishii!


  4. commoi

    Thank you to all of you!

  5. Leiko

    I thought at first that your salmon rolls were tamagoyaki with nori, which is a good idea and looks beautiful. I think i will try it (tamagoyaki with nori wrap). I love your pink boots, totally worth being late for class for high zakka expression.

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