Number 18: Happy Moon Festival!


(Onigiri, lemon chicken, Japanese potato salad, kiwi)

It’s Chinese Moon Festival (中秋節) today, so I hope that you all have time to pause for a moment and appreciate the moon. To celebrate, my friends and I are going for hot pot tomorrow night; I am really looking forward to that as we speak.

This bento has nothing to do with the Moon Festival. It consists of leftovers and last minute things: can you tell how hectic and exhausting school has been for me? Actually, I am contemplating if I want to reduce the number of updates at “frank tastes” to once per week. I will still keep on packing bentos everyday, but I don’t think I will have time to make frequent updates.

I was eating my bento at school the other day when two classmates from my seminar course came up to tell me how they liked my lunch. They were also impressed by the fact that I would stay up late or wake up early to pack my own meals (for college students, sleep is priceless).

Yet, I don’t really see packing my own bento as a “chore.” The time I spend making my bento is actually one of the highlights of my day. I especially like the idyllic tranquility of the kitchen late at night or early in the morning, when my roommate is most likely not home or asleep in his room.

Not that I dislike my roommate’s presence, but there is something about standing there and humming by myself, chopping ingredients, cooking them, and arranging them in my little white lunchbox. It is like kitchen therapy!



  1. skimmer8


    I’ve been reading and enjoying your bentos, commentary, recipes and sketches very much. I like the simplicity!


  2. commoi

    skimmer8: Thank you. :D

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