Number 17: At the Library


(Potato salad sandwich, baked honey-lemon chicken bits, golden cherry tomato, and grapes)

Another weekend spent studying in the library! I don’t think I even remember what weekends are supposed to feel like.

For my bento today, I am using Japanese potato salad as my sandwich filling. Last night I made gigantic batches of curry and potato salad (the same type as the one in this post), which means that I will be surviving on leftovers from the weekend. I also made enough of each to pack some for a friend. It is my sincere hope that he won’t get any digestive problems from eating my food.

Despite these sorts of fears, I do enjoy cooking or hosting dinner parties for people I like and care about. Not being someone who’s good at expressing herself on personal matters, cooking serves as a outlet for me to show appreciation for others. Even though the finished product may not be that great, the preparation process is still a joyful one.

(I am making myself appear to be a much more wonderful person than I really am. As a trade-off, my friends also have to endure my bluntness and shamelessness.)

The one person that I am too intimidated to cook for is my father. My father is the master chef of the family whose culinary skills parallel his impeccable taste in food. Even though he would probably appreciate my efforts, I think my cooking is nowhere good enough for his taste buds (苦笑).

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

Crushed cereal is used as the coating for the chicken. I first got this idea from watching a special episode of Dotch Cooking Show on donburi. There, a student of Chen Kenichi (of “Iron Chef” fame) used cereal as a coating for his fried chicken. He also used sliced almonds, which I think would taste absolutely delicious.

Instead of deep-frying, I resorted to baking. I merged the cereal idea with a recipe I received several years ago for baked chicken that uses crushed tortilla chips as the coating. Baking the chicken instead of frying it cuts down active cooking time in the morning. Since the pieces are so small, it does not take more than twenty minutes to bake at 200 degrees celcius.


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