Number 16: Sakurabu


(Korean hamburgers, cucumber with miso and sesame oil, tamagoyaki with crabstick, sweetened red beans, baby carrots, and sakura denbu on rice)

Another attempt to make tamagoyaki, but with a different ingredient this time.  Trying to get the crabstick to roll properly in the egg mass was challenging.  You know how in regular tamagoyaki, we start with a little bit of scrambled eggs and then slowly create additional layers?  I think if we are trying to add something large like crabmeat and want it to be right in the centre, it would be better to just start rolling and skip that first scrambled eggs step.  Just a guess. 

… And my tamagoyaki still ends up looking square.

I finally managed to finish off the cucumber that had been making frequent appearances in my bento and on this blog.  This time, I tossed it with some white miso paste and sesame oil.  This should be the last time we’ll be seeing Mr. Cucumber.

For dessert, I included a little bit of sweetened red beans.  Somehow in my Chinese upbringing, I am reinforced with the idea that red beans are good for the female body.  The original recipe is from my current favourite Japanese cookbook 基本の和食 – パート2.  It involves mainly cooking dried red beans and then re-boiling them in water and lots of sugar until the beans are softened.  The book suggests eating it with a little bit of (whipped) cream or with pineapples.  I think it would also be nice with vanilla ice-cream.  Of course, there is also green tea ice-cream…

(runs to the freezer)



  1. Red bean plus green tea ice cream is possibly one of the most delicious things ever created on this earth. I had my first taste of green tea ice cream topped with red bean paste in NYC at Soba-ya and it was the best thing I put in my mouth that day. (Which included hand-made soba!)

  2. commoi

    So you have also been to Soba-ya! I liked that place; they had a nice assortments of appetizers besides their noodles.

    That is actually very impressive, especially since you’re in NEW YORK CITY.

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