Number 14: I Heart Omusubi


Is it just me, or do these onigiri’s look almost glorious in the photo? Is there anything besides onigiri’s that can provide one with such strong sense of assurance and familiarity?


The onigiri’s here were stuffed with pieces of salmon, chopped green onions, and spicy mayo.  I had some leftover salmon fillet from another meal, so I decided to go for that spicy-salmon-onigiri lunch that I had wanted for days.  For the spicy mayo, I just added some cayenne pepper and a few drops of seasame oil.  I can’t remember exactly where I got the idea of adding sesame oil to the spicy mayo; I think I might have seen it in someone’s comment on a food blog (if it’s your idea, please tell me so I can credit you properly!).  I never knew what wonders sesame oil would do for spicy mayo until now.

I also got to use my omusubi box that I purchased in Hong Kong a while back; it fits three large onigiri’s perfectly.  I can’t wait to take it to a hike in a few weeks when autumn arrives.  There aren’t any sakura-viewings in Montreal; instead, we  watch how mountains slowly transform into all shades of red, oranage, and purple.    It is truly a marvelous sight.


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