Number 12: Oi, I am Full!


(Sausages with red cabbage cooked in red wine vinegar, Japanese potato salad, and rice dotted with green peas)

This bento is probably one of the most “heavy-duty” ones I’ve ever made. Meat and potatoes and carbs? Oink!

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

The sausages and red cabbage are leftovers from yesterday’s dinner. The dish itself is from the cookbook デリ風ごはん (“Deli fuu gohan” or “Deli-Style Meals”). The recipe is straightforward: stir-fry the sliced cabbage until it turns soft, add a splash of red wine vinegar and dashes of black pepper and salt, cook the sausages separately, and assemble the dish when everything is done. The parsley is only optional, but I think it enhances the presentation of the dish significantly.


Like sausages, Japanese potato salad is a type of food that I enjoy a lot. There’re a lot of recipes of this dish online, like here or here. The recipe I used is the latter one, and the salad turned out to be very addictive. I couldn’t stop eating it as I was making it.

Of course, making potato salad is also a lame justification for me to buy a bottle of Kewpie mayo, which I used to hate as a child but now love. Hmm… If I am having salmon for dinner tonight, does it mean that I get to have salmon-spicy-mayo-onigiri for lunch tomorrow?

(insert evil snicker)


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