Number 11: Awkward Mr. Omurice


(Contents: omurice, hamburgers glazed with tonkatsu sauce, cherry tomatoes, and broccoli)

Is this what happens when I make my bento before my morning coffee and bowl of cereal?  Is this what happens when I try to be cute with my food?

I am sorry, Omurice-san, for messing up your smile!

– – – – – – – – – – – –

I have a tendency to underestimate how much my bento box can hold (and that’s why Mr. Omurice isn’t as “fully grown” as he should be).   It’s absolutely amazing how a seemingly tiny container can feed me so well.  I’m so full!

The hamburgers are actually Korean hamburgers called “Seopsanjeok.” You can find a recipe of it at My Korean Kitchen. I quite like their texture and the fact that the recipe uses tofu as the filler instead of flour or bread crumbs. The ones I made are not strongly flavoured, so they are pretty flexible in terms of pairing up with different kinds of sauces.



  1. beatie

    You have a beautiful site and I really like the way you present your food in bentos. Simple, but delicate.

    I just read your story and it seems we discovered bentolunch around the same time and were both inspired by it. I’m so happy for both of us ’cause I know what a joy it is.

    Keep it up! Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. commoi

    Maven: Thanks for your encouragements! I am also very glad to hear how much you enjoy bentolunch. Let’s both keep it up! :D

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