Number 10: Back to Basics


(Contents: tamagoyaki with green onions, hot dogs with shichimi, onigiri’s, pickled cucumbers*, and apple slices)

My first bento lunch for the last year of my undergraduate degree.

To enjoy the moments studying and working with professors one admires, to research and discover new ideas, and to learn with a humble heart: it is too easy to forget about these basic things of being a student when postgraduate school applications and the “unknown” draw near.

Let’s start the year with a reminder of these basics.

– – – – – – – – – – – – –

*Note: Rather than cutting the cucumbers with a knife, I bashed the cucumber apart (in a rather barbaric way) with the bottom of a thick drinking glass. I find that the resulting rugged surfaces give the pickles a more interesting “crunch” and texture. This technique of using a rolling stick or a glass container to break cucumbers into smaller pieces is one that is mentioned in a lot of the Japanese cookbooks I own. Try it sometime!



  1. i think i shall try to emuLate this
    it looks simpLe enuf for a newb like me

  2. Another cool way to section out cucumbers is, after peeling off the skin with a vegetable peeler, to continue peeling the flesh with the peeler, giving one wide, translucent ribbons of cucumber until one hits the watery core. (Which also makes for a different, but interesting way to present bites of rice — as the Korean fashion for sushi.)

    I’ll try the crush cucumber technique sometime for a cucumber salad.

  3. skimmer8

    I love the arrangement of this bento!

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