Introducing… The Notebook

Is this another sign that I think too much and am way too obsessed for my own good?

Readers, I bring you my most beloved companion since I became an obento addict: the notebook. Black cover with rounded corners, 240 pages of thread bound acid-free paper, with an inner pocket for knick-knacks.

Everywhere I go, I can still be daydreaming and working on my next boxed meal. Objects I see, food I taste, and notes I read are immediately catalogued and remembered for later reference. Thank you, notebook, for being there for me.



  1. I’ve been skimming through this place for awhile tonight, not commenting on anything because I mainly have nothing to say, but The Notebook has prompted me!

    … I guess there really is nothing, other than that I think this is a really cool idea, and I’ve tried to do something like this in the past but always became discouraged with how annoying I found always carrying something around, and trying to remember to write in it was, which is probably indictive to how cluttered and disorganized my life is right now…

    But anyway! You should scan your notes and post them here sometime, if they aren’t terribly personal. I love reading things like this, which might sound nosy to some people… but to me it’s merely curiosity. (I desire to read people’s personal journals and diaries, feeling completely curious about the contents, but I have no intentions of doing anything with the information gleamed from the pages. I just like to learn about people’s personal lives.)

  2. skimmer8

    LOL!!! you are obsessed. I love it … I’m just as obsessed, I just don’t keep my notes together in one place.

    Mine are more like brainstorms about meals and ingredients for the up comming week that I find strewn around the house. (In fact I’m just doing that now — as I look at bentos for inspiration.)

    Your bento plans and sketches look interesting — would love to see them.

  3. skimmer8: YES, you have exposed me. I AM pretty very obsessed.

    I really need to get onto scanning pages from my notebook, something that I had wanted to do for the first commenter, Alex, for a loooooooong time. I know, I’m a horrible blogger when it comes to efficiency.

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