Number 9: The Travel Bento


In this bento: kimbap rolls, spam musubi, nata, slices of strawberries and kiwis.

This was for my plane flight to Vancouver yesterday, which I actually missed. I didn’t read my tickets carefully and thought that the flight was at 8pm, when it was supposed to be 6pm. In other words, I was supposed to be at the airport checking it as I was still finishing that last fish burger with Karen at Patiti Patata. Luckily, I was able to catch a following flight later that evening (which actually did depart at 8pm after all).

Aside from the mishap, I must say that bringing a bento onboard is one of the most comforting things an economy-flyer can have. More importantly, I seem to have developed a fear of flying since I went through a traumatic experience back in December (look, I thought I was going to die, okay?). Maybe something familiar like a bento will help me find some comfort and security in that tiny seat of mine.


I learned the basics of making kimbap at My Korean Kitchen‘s post on vegetable kimbap. For the kimbaps here, I used crabsticks, eggs, spinach, and carrots.

Not having any containers for the spam musabi’s dipping sauce, I glazed the spam slices with worcestershire sauce and tonkatsu sauce as I panfried them. I was really excited that I finally got to use my green baran (“sushi grass”). If you have followed my bento postings closely, you will see that this is the first time that I used a “standard store-bought bento accessory item.”

Obviously, I didn’t make the nata myself. Instead, I purchased it from a Portuguese rotisserie. I couldn’t resist something indulgent like a good nata. The one that the guy behind the counter randomly picked for me sort of looks like it has a heart on it, don’t you think?

Note: This is from a backdated post, previously from livejournal. Text has been edited to fit this new setting.


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