Number 7: Cross-Sectional

bento 7

In this bento: baked salmon over a bed of rice, garnished with caramelized baby red onions; green beans tied up with a strip of nori, halved baby tomatoes over salad greens; pickles; and grapes.

I think the bento sort of resembles a garden… Okay, maybe I’m stretching it. For this bento, I wanted to go for something lush, so I went for ingredients with bright colours. One thing that I was most interested in was the natural forms in the ingredients. Not wanting to alter the original forms of the fruits and vegetables too much, I just did simple cross-sectional cuts and exposed their innards.

(Take away the fluff, it basically means that I was lazy to apply myself to learning more skillful cutting.)

bento 7

I am delighted with how the green beans turned out when they were sliced and arranged vertically like this. As a bunch, they look like a dainty little bunch flowers or a garden shrub. The way their cores are randomly exposed is a nice touch, I think.

bento 7

The grapes had an equally interesting side view, with their translucent meat and gradual colour variation.

Note: This is from a backdated post, previously from livejournal. Text has been edited to fit this new setting.


One comment

  1. I -love- the way the green beans came out! Also the overall composition and color looks really nice, especially the purple of the grapes against the yellow of the pickles.

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