Number 6: The Kiddie Lunch

Today’s theme is to make kiddie food. When I was a kid, we used to live in a neighbourhood with a relatively larger Japanese population, and my parents would take me to those Yoshoku cafes. My memories of the children’s menu are glorious ones. I mean, bento sets that come in airplane and car-shaped boxes, with mini hotdogs, chicken wings, and fries (and most likely a cup of ice-cream to follow). Hello.

bento 6

In this bento: potato korokkes, onigiris with sake furikake, mini cupcake with vanilla icing, and mandarin segments. The potato korokkes are just regular ones made with mashed potatoes, ground pork, diced carrots, and green peas, with a small dash of curry powder to spice things up a bit.

bento 6

The mini cupcakes are a cocktail (or drunken debauchery) party favourite. They’re full of sugary goodness and are usually gone within the first twenty minutes of the party. More importantly, they’re just a mouthful each and are not too fussy to handle, no matter how delirious your guests are. The base is made following a regular vanilla cupcake from Nigella Lawson: the same old butter, sugar, eggs, and bourbon vanilla extract. Baking time is shortened by around 25% accordingly. The vanilla icing is from Betty Crocker, of course. Slightly trashy, but so indulgent. Yummy.

bento 6

Making icing with food colouring and decorating with sugar stars are highlights of the production process. It is highly theraputic; I recommend this to anyone who’s about to go crazy with school and work like me. A good way to serve these little goodies is to line them up on a regular baking tray, as if they just popped out of the oven. The nice thing with this arrangement for a cocktail party is that the tray doesn’t break like a glass dish when knocked over, but the overall presentation is still pleasing.

As much as it is fun to serve them at parties, however, making a whole batch just for yourself is a whole other story. Personal experience tells me that eating them at 3 a.m. in the morning after watching loads of Korean and Japanese drama is quite a feasible option, though side effects (i.e. finding your jeans too tight the week after) may ensue.

Note: This is from a backdated post, previously from livejournal. Text has been edited to fit this new setting.


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