Number 5: Ai Rabu Yu

It was one of those days when you wake up and the only things “immediately edible” are things from the freezer. I resorted to the frozen patties I made weeks ago and the last 4 frozen shrimps left in the bag. The grapes… I stole from my roommate’s groceries. I am sure he won’t notice.

bento 5

In this bento: black bean patty with cheddar cheese & ketchup over a bed of greens, sautéed shrimps, rice with nori ebi furikake, and grapes. I like the vibrant colours and the resulting contrasts this time.

bento 5

I learned about the black bean patties from a fellow Bento Lunches community member. You can find the recipe here (if you haven’t noticed, I really am clueless when it comes to inventing my own recipes). The shrimps are sautéed with a tiny bit of butter and seasoned with parsley, salt, and paprika.

Note: This is from a backdated post, previously from livejournal. Text has been edited to fit this new setting.


One comment

  1. Maven

    I like the shaped patties. I really need to get away from grocery store convenience food and make my own frozen stuff.

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