Number 1: Faito-OH!

My first bento was a spontaneous one. I was busily writing one of my history term papers, and I decided to make a bento just for the heck of it. After lurking on the Bento Lunches community, I couldn’t suppress the urge to make my own bento.

Because I didn’t really go shopping for any bento-food ingredients, I just made the most simple things and stuffed them into my sandwich box: tamagoyaki with nori, yaki onigiri, green peas, cranberry-raspberry apple sauce and a tiny wagashi-esque cake with green-tea filling.

It was a rather random process: I just opened my fridge and my pantry to see what was available. When I am in my extreme workaholic mode, I tend to not go grocery shopping and keep a lot of apple sauce and the like in my fridge. Not that I live off apple sauce per se, it’s just a sign of the lack of cooking during this period (I’m too lazy to cut my own apples!)… Oh the life of undergraduate students…

The yaki onigiri is from Lunch in a Box‘s recipe here. I used a heart-shaped measuring cup (a gift from my best friend, oh the love) as a rice mode. My roommate, a political science major, had a hard time understanding why my onigiri was blushing (not that I am trying to brand poli-sci majors, cough). Well, at least I can proudly proclaim: “My onigiri blushes, Hooooo! (Haado Gei style).”

A recipe of the gochujang-ed tamagoyaki can be found here.

Note: This is from a backdated post, previously from livejournal. Text has been edited to fit this new setting.


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